In cultivating a team approach to leadership, we love input.

With focus on the evolution of the art, Two Rivers Aikido' Community Council is made up of the two senior and two junior members of the community, providing input and perspective from the farthest edges (history and future) of our active Aiki community.

Judy - Two Rivers Aikido

Judy McWhorter

Judy began her Aikido training in 1987. She has had the honor of studying with many great teachers. Having done extensive traveling, she has trained at too many dojos to mention here. Her no-nonsense practical wisdom and spiritual ground is a benefit to the membership. In her off the mat applications Judy has integrated Aiki principles into her work with training horses.

John Wilke - Two Rivers Aikido

John Wilke

John began his journey in Aikido in 1972 with Aikira Tohei Sensei at the Bryn Mar dojo in Chicago. In 1976 he met Saotome Sensei who gave him the name: Kumasan (Bear). As a former Marine pilot during the Vietnam War, John brings a tremendous amount of martial skill to the school. He sees Aikido as a viable path to bring to Peace the deep inner conflicts one can carry having served in combat. Underlying this premise is his study to realize the profound spiritual dynamics O’Sensei was offering through Aikido.

Leroy - Two Rivers Aikido

Leroy Thompson

Leroy is mature and insightful and as such holds the post for contributing to the forward movement of the dojo culture with a mind toward the future of Aikido. He currently holds the rank of Yonkyu and has demonstrated a respect for the traditions of Aikido and exhibits great potential to bring Aikido into the 21st Century. Leroy attends FVCC and works at RBM lumber as a lineage holder in their family business.


Jackson Schnee - West

Jackson is the youngest member of the Council. He began his training at the age of 11, at Aikido of Monterey in California. He trained there for 8 years, and attained Nidan in June of 2017.  As an Uchi Deshi from 2015 -2017 he taught the beginning adult and youth classes with Danielle Smith Sensei. He has trained extensively with Frank Doran Shihan, Micheal Friedl Shihan, and Motomitchi Anno Shihan. In September of 2017, he moved to Whitefish and began training at Two Rivers Aikido in Kalispell. Currently, Jackson works as a chocolatier at his family owned business in Whitefish.