Two Rivers Aikido - Mark

Mark Leitzel, LCPC, Dojo Cho, Chief Instructor

* * * * *

“On the mat” study of Aikido began with Eric Lehrman PhD. at JFK University as part of graduate studies in transpersonal and somatic psychology.

In that: Aikido has emerged as an “Alchemy of Embodiment” and it has become clear to Mark that Aikido is a path of awakening and a way to truly embody Peace, Love, and the fullness of what it means to be authentically human.

To this end: He happily integrates the principles and practices of Aikido “off the mat” in his daily life as well as professionally through his psychotherapy practice and consulting training venues, where he helps individuals, families, and organizations develop untapped potential toward life skills of harmony.

Leigh Schickendantz - Two Rivers Aikido

Leigh Schickendantz, LCPC, Dojo Cho, Chief Instructor

* * * * *

Leigh began her study of Aikido with George Leonard’s Energy Training in 1987. Since that time she has come to recognize that the art has its roots in the inherent harmony of creation and the work of aikido is learning to see it, experience it, and live it. One of her favorite O'Sensei sayings forms the platform for her on-going study: We are here for no other reason than to celebrate our inner divinity and our innate enlightenment.

She integrates her experience in Aikido, transpersonal psychology, somatic psychology and contemplative spiritual disciplines in her professional work as a therapist and aiki-practitioner.

Her sharing of in-depth study and practical application of aikido principles “off-the-mat” shapes her offering here at Two Rivers Aikido.