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Come join an enlivened community of people who are training in the Art of Peace..

Two Rivers Aikido / Kalispell Zen Center is a community resource teaching the Art of Peace. We are affiliated with Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, which credentials our ranks in Hombu Aikikai, International Aikido Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan. As an International Peace Dojo through Aiki Extensions we utilize our on the mat training in programs taking Aikido principles and practices “off the mat” to bring peacemaking into the community through outreach in schools and community service organizations.

Aikido: Often translated as The Art of Peace, is a martial art that leads us through non- violence to a peaceful warrior stance in the world. It is a way to train the Body, Mind, and Spirit, to be at peace within oneself and in relation to the world. Effective as a powerful self-defense it also (and more importantly) teaches a way to be in the world where students learn to deal with life’s “attacks” and where ultimately, no defense is necessary. Integrated within, yet far beyond the martial discipline Aikido is a path of personal, relational, and community transformation.

As a Zen Center, Aikido is practiced as a fundamental movement meditation in concert with sitting meditation and contemplative studies.

“Zen” is simply, without religious affiliation, a Japanese term meaning: Contemplation or Meditation.


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